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STRENGTH training


Strength training is a form of physical activity that can help you improve muscle strength and endurance. It consists of a series of exercises that use resistance, either from your own body weight or from actual weights, such as free weights, dumbbells or barbells.

Strength training is also commonly referred to as resistance training.

Who can benefit from strength training?


The truth is just about anyone can benefit from strength training. Strength training helps people of all ages and fitness levels by improving balance and coordination and reducing the risk of injuries. It can also lead to improved mental health, including increased self-esteem and decreased stress levels.


Strength training can be especially helpful for those who are older and/or more sedentary, as it improves bone density (helping to prevent osteoporosis), lowers body fat and improves endurance. 


Strength training can also help manage muscle mass, regardless of your age.

What are some of the overall benefits of strength training?


Strength training can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Its overall benefits include:

  • Weight Management: Strength training is valuable if you want to manage or lose weight, as exercise in general and building muscle can help increase your metabolism.

  • Quality of Life: Strength training can help your overall quality of life. It helps protect your joints from possible injuries, and improves overall mobility.

  • Chronic Health Issues: Strength training can play a part in alleviating the symptoms of numerous chronic conditions, such as back pain, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression.

  • Brain Health: It’s believed that strength training can improve learning skills and general cognitive abilities.

How can working with a personal trainer on strength training help?

Working with a personal trainer often provides the best and safest results in any workout situation. Most personal trainers incorporate some aspect of strength training into their personal training programs. Strength training can be done at a gym, or at home.


If you’re unable to work with a personal trainer, and you’re new to strength training, it’s important to take it slow, as you don’t want to injure yourself. When doing strength training on your own, it can be helpful to work with a partner.

When working with a personal trainer on strength training, your trainer will guide you on the proper equipment, exercises and form. 

Some strength training exercises don't use equipment, and instead use your body’s own weight along with the force of gravity. Some examples of these are pushups, pull-ups, squats and lunges.

The best method for your strength training program will depend on your fitness level, goals and experience. Your personal trainer can devise a strength training program that safely and effectively helps you achieve your fitness goals.


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