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About Invictus Fitness

Austin Personal Trainers

Invictus Fitness's Austin personal trainers exist to provide the support, accountability and knowledge to anyone who wishes to find their way back to glory or simply to take a step to the next level.

Whether you are the weekend warrior, top-level athlete, or someone who has never worked out before, we can help you find your strength, take control of your life, and finally discover what it’s like to feel fully alive and healthy.

Invictus Fitness trainers provide focused 1 on 1 attention, feedback, variety in workouts with adjustments and tweaks when needed. With over 10 years of fitness and personal training experience, we are committed to honest, encouraging and convenient service.

Communication is the foundation of our business. We are very involved and available to our clients at all times which means you can reach us via text, phone, and email.


Invictus Fitness is the creation of acclaimed executive fitness transformation coach and master Austin personal trainer Nicole Renna. Nicole’s experience with fitness began long before her days as a performance coach.

She started participating in sports and fitness at a young age and never looked back. Nicole went on to earn a scholarship to play soccer for the University of Oregon.

At the age of 19, while in her freshman year of college, she suffered a career-ending injury that would change her life forever and inspire her to enter the field of health and fitness.

After being misdiagnosed for an entire year, followed by three unsuccessful surgeries, her shin injury took a toll on her confidence, and overall well being and she began to put on weight.

Far away from the familiarity of home and no longer able to participate in the sport that she was dedicated to, she felt herself fall into a downward spiral of depression as she lost her sense of identity. Determined to return to a positive state of being and find her passion in life, Nicole went on to find ways to work around her injury and get back into top shape.

It is in the creation of this process and several years of sharing it with others that laid the groundwork for Nicole's transformative personal training programs and what would become Invictus Fitness.


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